2023 HR & Payroll Compliance Deadlines

2023 HR & Payroll Compliance Deadlines

January deadlines and dates

  • January 31st:
    • Distribute W-2s and 1099-MISC (Paper & E-File)
    • Quarterly Forms 941 & 720 due
    • Distribute 1095-B & 1095-C Forms to employees
    • Form 940 due (If quarterly FUTA taxes were not paid when due)
    • Form 1099-NEC to both the IRS and to recipients
    • Form 1099-MISC with only boxes 8 & 10 to be sent to the recipient

February deadlines and dates

  • February 1st: Post OSHA Form 300A
  • February 10th: Annual Form 940 Due (If quarterly FUTA taxes were paid when due)
  • February 28th:
    • Deadline to file ACA Forms 1094-C, 1095-C, 1099-MISC without NEC to IRS (If paper filing)
    • Form 8809 Paper Filing Deadline

March deadlines and dates

  • March 1st: HIPAA Breach Employee Notification and Form M-1 Filing Deadline
  • March 2nd: Electronically submit OSHA Form 300A and Creditable Coverage Disclosure to CMS (for calendar year plans)
  • March 15th:
    • Form 8809 E-filing deadline, S Corp (Form 1120-S) and Partnership (Form 1065) Tax Returns due
    • Form 2553 due
  • March 31st:
    • Form 1099-MISC due if reporting NEC in box 7
    • File deadline Form 1099s electronically
    • File deadline Form 1094-C & 1095-C & 1099-MISC without NEC to IRS electronically
    • EEO-1 Reporting and Filing Deadline

April deadlines and dates

  • April 18th:
    • Tax Day (filing deadline for personal tax returns & C corporations)
    • Forms 7004 and 8928 Filing Deadline
  • April 28th: Summary Plan Description (SPD)

May deadlines and dates

  • May 1st: Quarterly Form 941 & 720 due
  • May 15th: Non-Profit Tax Returns due, including Form 990

June deadlines and dates

No compliance dates to worry about this month!

Enjoy the beginning of summer!

July 2023 deadlines and dates

  • July 31st:
    • Quarterly Form 941 & 720 due
    • Forms 5500 and 5558 Filing Deadline (for calendar year plans)
    • Compliance check

August  deadlines and dates

No compliance dates to worry about this month!

September deadlines and dates

  • September 29th: Supply SAR to covered participants for calendar year plans deadline

October deadlines and dates

  • October 3rd:
    • QSEHRA Notice Deadline (for QSEHRAs that begin January 1, 2024)
    • RDS Application Due to CMS (for plan years beginning in January 1, 2024)
  • October 13th: Medicare Part D Notice of Creditable Coverage delivered to plan participants
  • October 31st: Quarterly Form 941 & 720 due

November deadlines and dates

  • November 1st: Remind employees to submit FSA Receipts before end of year

December deadlines and dates

  • December 29th:
    • Nondiscrimination testing, 401K plans, 125 Premium Only Plans (POP), and flexible spending account (FSA) nondiscrimination testing (if on calendar plan year),
    • Review employee handbooks


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